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3-CMC Powder


  • IUPAC Name: 3-ChloroMethCathinone
  • CAS Nr: 1607439-32-6
  • Purity: ≥98%
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What exactly is 3-CMC Powder?

3-CMC, also called 3-Chloromethcathinone is a Research Chemical that, like 5-MMPA (Mephedrene), Eutylone, 2-MMC, a-PiHP & NEP (Pentedrone) belongs to the cathinone class. 3-CMC is seen as the replacement for 3-MMC. Want to buy 3-CMC? We offer 3CMC in 2 variants: 3CMC crystal and 3CMC powder.

3-CMC effects & 3-CMC experiences

3-CMC is a Research Chemical, which means that not much research has been done on the substance. The possible effects of 3-CMC and experiences you can experience with 3-CMC are:
– It has a stimulating effect
– It makes you feel confident
– It brings out euphoria and empathy

Important information when purchasing 3-CMC

– For sale only for research purposes
– Prevent the release of Research Chemicals into the environment

Warnings 3-CMC

– 3-CMC can cause respiratory irritation
– 3-CMC can cause eye irritation

What is the best way to store 3-CMC?

3-CMC is best stored in a cool, dry place. Keep 3-CMC away from heat and open flame. With proper storage, Research Chemicals can be stored for at least 1 to 2 years.

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Additional information


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